Education Is More Than Just A Test Grade

Everyone knows that education doesn't always give everyone the same chances to succeed, even though we'd all like to believe it did. I believe that education should be something that should give equal opportunities to everyone. These days, success in education is mostly measured by tests. Colleges accept students based on a score that is ranked against all your peers. Things such as extra curricular activities, or efforts made in classes aren't looked at as seriously as standardized tests are. College courses usually base the semester grade off of three or four test grades, with rare chances to get extra points, and some students find it hard to succeed with those standards.

Students are being graded solely on standardized test scores.

Education is a necessary part in everyone's lives that helps them grow into mature and successful adults.Therefore, students should be graded in more ways than just tests. Some kids aren't very good test takers, a large number of students struggle with focusing in on tests. By looking at just tests, many factors of being a successful student are overlooked and eliminated. Being a successful student can come from a lot of things; sports or clubs students were involved in, projects or papers done for classes, having a tutor to boost your knowledge and/or grade up, etc.

Many students aren't good at taking tests, yet that's all they are graded on.

Being a college student myself, I realized how general education courses are graded. In most of my classes first semester, I went to an optional lecture hall, took notes, and then had a series of four exams, one including the final exam. My grade was based solely on those four exams... nothing else. This can be good or bad for a student, depending on their test taking abilities. Universities that are looking at applicants should look at other factors, and realize that not everyone can succeed at taking an ACT. College level courses should involve more projects, or packets, because not only does it boost grades, it also increases learning.

Even college classes are being graded on only test scores.

I believe that education should be something achievable for all people, and everyone should have the same opportunities. People should be judged by more than just a grade on an exam, and more interactive things should be involved in the grading process. By looking at just test scores, people submit themselves to a black and white problem, and miss the underlying grey area that comes with how the student is actually doing in a class or subject.

"I believe that education should be something achievable for all people, and everyone should have the same opportunities."