Exercise- Activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness
Health- A condition of optimal well-being

What you put in is what you get out

Every person is different in their own way. Whether they believe in one thing or another doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. Beliefs only make you stronger as a person, and help you understand who you really are. In my case, I strongly believe in nationwide mandatory exercise throughout school. I believe that if every state made it mandatory to take some sort of gym and health class, it would greatly lower the obesity issue, help people realize what exercise and nutrition to for you, and lastly, make people feel better!
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To begin, having mandatory gym and health classes would help lower the obesity issue that our nation is suffering today. In today’s society people are not being active! With the amount of technology such as computers, video games, iPods, etc, we are finding that kids today are spending too much inside on these devices rather than outside playing sports, running, etc. If school would make this mandatory, it would at least force kids to have an hour of physical activity. According to, just jogging for an hour a day will help burn around 588 calories! This is astonishing because that’s just one hour out of twenty-four. Also, an average human is supposed to intake anywhere from 1750-2500 calories a day so in a one hour time span, you could burn off one fourth of your total intake of calories a day!

Learn, Listen, Live
Next, I believe that having mandatory gym and health classes would help people realize the importance of exercise. Students would learn all about the positive outcomes of exercise and nutrition. They would learn about the foods they should be eating and what these foods due for the body. For example protein helps build muscle while carbs will give you energy. They would also learn about the negative effects of overtraining, and unhealthy eating such as fast foods and junk foods. If we can spread information to the younger generation about health and nutrition, it will allow future generations to exceed in exercise and nutrition and it can greatly diminish the effects of obesity.

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Exercise High

Lastly, I believe that exercise makes you feel better! I have been working out for about 2 years now. I focus on both weight training and cardio training 5 days a week. And for the past two years I have never felt better! I am able to do things that I once couldn't. Not only will working out give you more endurance and strength, but it will allow you to transform your body to the way you want it. Let’s face it, it makes you look better!
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Work, Work, Work!

Overall if all schools made it mandatory for students to partake in health and gym classes I believe it would make a huge difference within our society. It will lower the obesity issue, give others a good sense of knowledge on the subject, and it will make us feel better! Get off the couch already and work!