I Believe In Running

I believe in running. Like most people, I did not like running. That is until I tried it. I did not realize how such an extreme form of exercise could be such a simple way to relieve stress until I went out and experienced it. I do not pay attention to my feet pounding against the pavement, or the layer of sweat covering my body. I do not pay attention to the people along the path or my hair hitting the back of my neck. I pay attention to my mind, letting my thoughts wander and clear. Miles later, I feel relieved.

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The first time I realized this form of therapy was perfect for me was my freshman year of high school. I have never been that stressed in my life. With honors classes that I should not have signed up for, along with a heart-wrenching breakup, on top of my mentally ill father leaving the state to find better health, I needed some relief. I happened to join the cross-country team at my school that year, only because my sister did it. However, I did not fall in love with the feelings that came along with this sport just because my sister did as well. I loved it because I had finally found some relief, a free therapy that would get me through everything: running. This is proof to me that it is so important for high school students, with the stress of school and other personal things, to be involved in some type of physical activity to get rid of this stress. Running happened to be the form of physical activity that helped me with mine.

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I believe in running. I believe that the sweat, pain, time, and work put into running are only a small fraction compared to what comes out of it. I believe that running allowed me to get through school and all the stress during the time of it. Because I believe that running is the best form of therapy, and can be for anybody, I believe in good health and peaceful minds. I believe in hard work that brings relief. I believe in pushing yourself to the limits. I believe in running.