I Believe in Being the Best Educator Possible

I believe all teachers should strive to give their students the best education possible. Throughout my schooling I have had some of the greatest and some of the worst teachers. In my eyes, the best teacher I have ever had was my third grade teacher. Not only did she help me with the difficulties I was having in school, she helped each child in whatever way they needed.
I had more addresses than I can count on one hand before third grade. As a result, I also had a list of schools to go with those addresses. Each move meant a new school, new teachers, and new students. As a result, I began to hate school at a young age. I had high expectations for myself but could never reach them with all the moving. Third grade marked the first time I knew I would stay in a school for a long period of time. I was now living with my father and enrolled in a private school. I struggled to keep up with the increased amount of work and higher level of material. My teacher saw this and began to give me extra help. She suggested I saw the school tutor. She would also let me stay after school with her for extra help. She did all of this for me in a way that did not make me feel embarrassed. She taught me that it is okay to ask for help. I eventually caught up to where I was supposed to be by the time I started fourth grade. As I continued my education at this school, her door was always open for me to come in for a visit or ask for help. She became the teacher I went to when I couldn't talk to my freinds or family. As I decided I wanted to also become a teacher she supported me and became my inspiration. I would only be at this school until the end of sixth grade and, sadly, would lose contact with her. I recently was able to get her e-mail and reconnect. I was pleasently surprised to recieve the same caring responses from her. She was glad to hear that I was continuing to follow my dreams. I was finally able to let her know that she is the reason for me chasing my dreams and I hope to become a teacher as passionate and helpful to my students as she is.

I believe that all educators should be passionate toward their job. I think any career you choose you should be passionate about. Everyone should strive to be the best person they can be. I learned this at a young age and believe it is a lesson every person should be taught. Hopefully, one day, a student of mine will look up to me the way I look up to my third grade teacher.

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